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CHUAN FA Steel Mold Co., established in 1989 and located in the Hsinchu Science Park. We’re a professional manufacturer of mold manufacturing services and have more than 20 years of experience in the field of molds. Our strength lies in our extensive export experience and professional mold design.
"Honesty" is our concept of sustainable development. The most important thing is to provide our customers with a suitable price. With the spirit of "professionalism," "quality," "efficiency," and "service," we create highly efficient to meet customer needs.

business items
Main business: cosmetics mold manufacturing, mold design, hot runner design, anti-tooth system design, test mold, lathe processing, EDM, parts processing (iron, aluminum, copper, steel) etc. 

with customers
Major customers: Taiwan, South America, Japan, China etc.
ADD- No.326, Puding Rd., Dong Dist., Hsinchu City  TEL +886 3 5782 893  FAX +886 3 5772 384  E
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